Sunday, 17 May 2015

Drive By

A problem I have is that sometimes when I drink too much coffee, it becomes very hard for me to concentrate. Well, that's not true. It becomes very difficult for me to concentrate on tasks I'm not particularly interested in, i.e studying. I've never heard anyone mention anything specific, but coffee renders me exceptionally euphoric, especially when I drink too much. Am I the only one?

Anyways, a side effect of all this euphoria is that all I really want to do is do things with TEXTILES, which lately has been embroidering. I've finished the little flowering branch, and in the process made some peace with french knots. I find them terribly fiddly and annoying because it's hard to undo them if they aren't quite right. Practice, practice… 

It's a simple design, but I'm quite pleased with the colour layering effect. The composition itself is rather stiff and static, in the future I'd like to work towards more dynamic designs. Always so much to learn!

And recently I became inspired by a quote by a certain Louise Bourgeois:

"The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair."

I saw it on my Pinterest, another textile artist had used the quote as a way of exploring darning as a metaphor

Darning is something that has fallen out of quotidian life relatively recently - my parents talk about their parents darning socks for them, but I have never seen it anywhere besides some decorative machine darning on jeans. I found a picture of a darning egg on the internet once, and I had no idea what it was for. 

Modern clothing consumption habits aside, I'd like to incorporate darning more into my regular wardrobe maintenance. You can even do patterns!

I'm starting with the basics:

With added swanky colours!
Anyways, this is my absolute first attempt, so we'll see if it actually works. Simplicity requires its own nuance and skill.

In my non-textile life (does such a thing even exist?), I'm currently wrapping up my time in France and preparing for my internship by frantically searching for apartments and stressing about whether I should have gotten a visa or not. I also took a couple trips in the past month: Bordeaux, Dusseldorf, Montreal and am thinking of taking a few more day trips around the Loire Valley before I leave it for an indefinite period of time.

The caffeine in my blood is back to manageable levels… time to get back to studying!