Sunday, 19 October 2014


So I injured my hand knitting.

I woke up the day after a serious, 3 hour, uninterrupted knitting session to a lot of pain and stiffness in my right hand, the hand that I use to carry and manipulate the working yarn.

Sharpie to mark the progress made during aforementioned marathon knitting session
My knitting style is kind of weird - most knitters are either continental or english-style knitters, and I fall under a less efficient, kind of gimpy english style. It's hard to explain, but I am self-taught and just did what felt easiest at the time. Consequence: ten years of engraining a style of knitting that is very slow and a lot more susceptible to repetitive stress injuries. Now, I think that there is no wrong way to knit, however this comes with the caveat that different ways of knitting have different limitations.

I've been aware that my way of knitting is limiting speed-wise for quite a while, but even after repeated attempts to switch styles, I still haven't been able to reprogram my hands and mind to do what I want. Which was something that didn't really bother me, until now.

All jokes on having injured myself by knitting, repetitive stress injuries like this can be really serious. As someone who aspires to make a living through my hand skills, it's something that I can't afford to ignore.


I think I'm going to have to relearn how to knit.

I mean, not completely… I still know how to knit, I'm just going to have to learn how to do it differently. Which is really hard! Seriously! I tried for a little bit and my gauge was way, way too tight, like it used to be like eight years ago when I was first learning.

Wish me luck..

Endless ocean of seed stitch, very cozy in comparison with the regular ocean

Thursday, 9 October 2014

And No One Was Surprised.

Paris was beautiful, of course…

I'll spare you the gory technicalities, but I went to two fashion exhibits, one on Dries Van Noten and the other on 1950s fashion.

I originally only intended on going to the 50s exhibit, because I'm not really a huge fan of Dries Van Noten, but ended up there anyways and was really blown away by it.

Most of the clothing on display was not Dries Van Noten, but Schiaparelli or 60s Balenciage or Callot Soeurs or Charles Frederick Worth, and that's only a few of the fashion legends I saw. I stole a few pictures, and even pulled out my notebook to do a couple sketches. Lots of embroidery… I got to see Lesage embroidery up close!

And then I went here on my last morning in Paris:

Image courtesy of the Palais Galleria Website

I had high hopes for the exhibit, and it was really quite fabulous - full of Chanel and Dior and Fath and other French designers I'd never even heard of before. However, it was really busy even having gotten there 15 minutes before it opened and there was no place to sit and enjoy everything. I had been planning to sketch some more, but there were so many people milling around and nowhere to sit that I only sketched one hastily near the end - a shocking pink Balenciaga trapeze dress.

This one! Balenciaga c. 1958-1959.

Slightly disappointing, but dazzling nonetheless.

In more accessible news, I found good coffee!! (!!!)

Heavenly Machiatto

It was a super tiny cafe, probably two metres across, with a few seats inside and some tables set up outdoors. The barista was a very nice Australian gentleman, and I got to show off my english and be a little bit charming (I'm never charming in french, maybe only in an "aw, she can't talk" kind of way).

It was probably the highlight of the trip. I went back twice in the same day.

I met Oscar Wilde.

He was covered in lipstick. The rogue.

Aaaaaaand I didn't do any knitting or other such related activities. Progress on the Stars in the Sky continues apace… I will update with photos when it becomes slightly more interesting.

(Could be awhile).

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Just planning my trip to Paris and I came across this list of coffee shops in Paris.

Do you think a weekend is long enough to visit all these places?

Dare I hope that some good espresso is finally headed my way?

We shall have to wait to find out…

I've also scheduled a visit to the Paris Galleria Musée de la Mode for their exhibition on clothing in the 1950s. So excited!